Ambitious, but rubbish

Software for Toshiba Libretto 50CT (Win95)

written by Gia Ferrari on 2014-09-25

I got a request from a YouTuber for the Libretto 50CT's software. Here it is, zipped up on the 50CT itself. 12MB of archives never felt so big 🙂

Libretto 50CT Docs/Image Tool/Utilities

This archive is relative to C:. It contains:

docs: User Guide
img: Disk Images tool (create various driver and recovery disks, can also create the User Guide disks).
tosutils: a screen mirroring utility
dos: Appears to be some hardware diagnostic tools

Libretto 50CT Extra Utilities

This archive is relative to 1C:\Program Files1. It contains:

CAID: A PC Card utility.
MGLASS: A magnifier.
SBAR: Some sort of status bar thing.