Ambitious, but rubbish

Professional Stuff

I am currently taking a break from professional engagements in order to do some independent study and personal growth. If you are active in climate, sustainability, low/no-carbon energy, or education equity spheres and could use an engineer, please get in touch. g@ this domain. Remote preferred. I'm based in Seattle. Plausible impact a must.

My last gig was a ~9 year stint at Socrata (now owned by Tyler Technologies), most recently as a Principal Engineer. It's an AWS/Rails/React/Postgresql/Docker shop. Previously worked on Windows (DevEx) and Live Labs @ Microsoft.

I have a CS degree from Rice University, Houston TX.

I'm a generalist - a partial list of things I have at least moderate competency in (starred items indicate core skills):

I hold a current mental health first aid certificate. Get yours too?